By Keema Chang

Welcome to the world of Keema Leyakatalie! This page is personal for me. It’s used as an outlet to share my creative talents and all things Keema with the world. I will share my passion for art, beauty, fashion and just being an all-around creative. Being creative can get overwhelming at times but I am ready to share them with the people who support me. Here I can get a little personal and have a space to share with you all the things I love and enjoy doing. This can range from fashion, crochet, painting, even cooking. I hope that being open with my talent will inspire you to express yourself through art and beauty as well.


For as long as I can remember I have always embellished my jackets. I was obsessed with Madonna’s style in the 80s. The idea is to have a staple jacket that represents you that you can wear with just about anything. I customize these jackets based how how I feel at the moment of making them or using personal information to customize for a client. Once you purchase your customized piece you can continue to add pins, trinkets or anything that will further personalize the piece to your liking.



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